Local pastor tells Metro Council he will not obey a safety zone outside abortion clinic

By Sara Sidery - Posted at WDRB.com:

Pastor Joseph Spurgeon - Image Source: WDRB.com

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - It's the only abortion clinic left in the state, and protests there are getting more aggressive. On Wednesday, Metro Council heard discussions about a "safety zone" outside the EMW Clinic in downtown Louisville.

Supporters are fighting for a 20-foot buffer zone, something the ACLU recommends that would be 8-feet wide and stretch from the clinic's front door to the street.

Anti-abortion emotions boiled over at Metro Hall at the end of a Council Public Safety Committee meeting.

"Respect the unborn children," shouted local pastor Joseph Spurgeon. "Respect our free speech. We will not obey buffer zone laws!"