A Cautionary Tale: Eric Craig Harrah

Former Abortion Business Owner and Pro-life Celebrity Eric Craig Harrah - AP Photo

By Lynn Vincent - Posted at World Magazine:

A look back to a story from 2000 about an abortion business operator who was rushed into the Christian pro-life spotlight and crumbled under pressure

Former abortion business director Carol Everett was in the second group. “I told Paul Grabill that he needed to disciple Eric, hold his hand, and help him,” said Everett, who added that the Christians who helped in her conversion from abortion to Christ discipled her daily for nearly two years before letting her go public. “I begged him not to let Eric continue speaking. I told him, ‘When someone gets in Eric’s face and asks him how he thinks he can be forgiven after what he’s done, he has to know who God is,’ and that forgiveness comes from God.” Everett said Grabill “patted me on the head over the phone” and told her Harrah would be fine.

Nov. 4, 1997, was the day Eric Craig Harrah, an abortion business operator and open homosexual, publicly proclaimed faith in Christ. He walked away from the State College, Pa., abortion mill he operated and, within a week, testified of his conversion in an Assembly of God church. Within two weeks, he was giving his testimony in other churches. Within three months, he was giving interviews to reporters. Within six months, he was on the pro-life speaking circuit, giving talks at fundraising banquets put on by crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs). Soon the media divisions of some major Christian organizations were interviewing Harrah and running his conversion story. Rejoice, print and broadcast stories proclaimed: Harrah believes the Bible is true, and that Jesus Christ has saved him.

Harrah doesn’t believe that now.

During 1998 and 1999 Harrah was the anti-abortion hero, the trophy convert, the hottest new face at pro-life fundraising events. But early this year he abandoned pro-life activism, forced out under a cloud of unstable behavior and suspected theft, lying, and drug abuse (see sidebar). Now, at 32, he has renounced Christianity and returned to homosexuality.

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