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Commentary on Alabama's New Abortion Ban

By Rusty Lee Thomas - Operation Save America

We received a phone call today from a reporter from Huntsville, AL. She desired to speak with a local representative from OSA. She was interested in our response to this new abortion ban in AL that has made national news. I gave her a few local contacts and discussed briefly the ramifications of this new law.

Before I talked with the reporter, I first talked with Pastors, Matt Trewhella and Jon Speed. I was not fully informed of this new law, so, I asked these dear brothers their take on this development in AL.

Their counsel was the basis of my response.

First, the strength of this new law clearly demonstrates that people in AL want to stop the killing of the preborn. This is a good thing. It also demonstrates that our pursuit of the paradigm shift to abolish abortion is having impact in our nation. Lastly, as far as an incremental, pro-life law, it is the furthest towards the truth than any other law before it.

There are weak areas as well that we as abolitionists cannot fully support. First, there are still exceptions, which include the life and mental health of the mother. This means abortion would still be legal in some cases in AL.

We must remember it has always been the exceptions in abortion that cracked the door to allow abortion on demand in the first place. Pro-aborts love to use worst case scenarios to pull on America's heart string to make what was once unspeakable, mainstream. They have and continue to be successful using the strategy to deceive well meaning people to go along with their godless agendas.

Second, the new law does not protect itself from the tyranny of the courts. Any law we pass to outlaw abortion must defy and ignore the courts. Otherwise, we will spend countless money, time, effort, and manpower only to have a godless oligarchy smash it and rule it unconstitutional. They have done this for 46 years with no let up in sight.

Lastly, and I know this is the most controversial of all, there is no penalty against the woman who murders her child with blood money. In case we forget, it was that one issue reflected in the Texas statues, that convinced the Supreme Court to rule in favor of Roe vs. Wade.

Their reasoning was that Texas expected the Supreme Court to treat the child in the womb as a person, but the Texas law did not penalize the woman procuring abortions and the penalty against the abortionists was minimal. So, since there was no equal justice and equal treatment under the law in Texas, our nation has been polluted and defiled by child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood ever since.

Until the church and the pro-life movement deals principally with these 3 open doors that the enemy still exploits to keep regulating baby murder, we will not be able to end the American holocaust state by state.

We must end all exceptions!

Second, all abortion abolitionist bills in the states must have in it a provision that declares once the law is passed, the states will not answer to any court. If the court ignores the Constitution, the states will ignore the courts. It is just that simple.

Lastly, we must not be ashamed of God and His Word. God puts no difference between the preborn child in the womb and the born child.

Exodus 21:22-25 teaches God's concern for justice for the preborn. It is His Lex Talionis of crime and punishment. The punishment should suit the crime, no more and no less. It is the golden rule applied to justice.

The church must be consistent if our prophetic witness is to be considered credible. We cannot make truth claims like abortion is murder and then in the legal realm not hold all people involved in the murder accountable in a court of law.

This must of necessity include the mother. If she pays somebody to murder her child, she is not a victim, but a criminal. Otherwise, our Biblical integrity is greatly compromised and our moral witness and authority is deeply flawed.

This is where we get accused of hatred for the sinner, simply because of our desire to come into agreement with God on the nature of the crime of abortion and His demand for justice by penalizing it by law.

The state needs to do its duty under God by punishing the evildoer and the church needs to do its duty by ministering the Gospel of the Kingdom to set the sinner free. One is the ministry of justice (State) concerned about the physical welfare of men and nations and the other is the ministry of (grace) concerned about the spiritual welfare of men and nations.

These 2 aspects of God's virtue, justice and mercy, are not in contradiction of each other, but in complete harmony with His character and will in the earth.

I hope this helps as we wrestle through the implications and ramifications of pursuing the end of the American holocaust.



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