She Could Not Pray for Years...BUT Then Chose Life...

Image Source: The Writing on the Wall

By Vicky Kaseorg - Posted at The Writing on the Wall:

A young woman stopped her car beside me, her eyes wide and frightened. The security guard from the abortion center rushed over to tell her the abortion center was the next driveway. She glanced at him but reached for the literature I handed her.

“We have free ultrasound and pregnancy testing on our RV parked right here,” I told her. “Would you be willing to look at your baby on the ultrasound?”

“Free?”she asked. Her eyes were shiny, tears threatening. I knew this was a woman that did not want to abort but some overriding concern was on her heart. So I shared the humanity of her child, our resources, and the truth of God’s word regarding unborn life in the few seconds I had before the security guard insisted she move.

This time, she listened to the security guard’s insistence, and with an apologetic look my way, pulled into the abortion center. I watched her as she walked to the door, clutching the literature I had given her. The “pro-choice escort” stopped her. She told the woman she could not bring the Tiny Hands literature into the clinic. In fact, she could not HAVE it. The “pro-choice escort” took the literature from the woman and threw it in the trash.


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