Why doctors are morally, professionally culpable in abortion

 By C. Ben Mitchell - Posted at Baptist Press:

JACKSON, Tenn. (BP) – Steve Hammond was a 28-year-old OB/GYN resident who started performing abortions to earn some extra money and because, it turned out, he was especially good at it. According to his own reckoning he performed more than 700 abortions.

“I was convinced,” he recounts, “that abortion was just another procedure and that I was helping my patients in the process. I was convinced that if my patient and I decided that the best thing for her was to end her pregnancy, then the government should not interfere.” Since the law allowed it, his patients wanted it, and he was good at it, why not?

Until – as he tells the story in the third person:

“The baby kicked him! The doctor had a 1-year-old boy at home, and he knew what a baby’s kick felt like. Every time he changed his own little boy’s diaper, he experienced the powerful thrust, and this was exactly the same. It didn’t stop. He put his hand on [the woman’s] abdomen for the first time, felt the uterus, and confirmed that the baby was squirming violently inside her. She had lied about how far along she was, and the faculty member had missed the fact that she was at least 22-24 weeks pregnant.”