Yes, pro-lifers are on their own in caring for women and children, and that’s despicable

 By Peter Heck - Posted at Not the Bee:

The tenor of the entire article bothered me. Maybe I'm oversensitive to it right now, but there was something untoward about the whole thing. As the legislature of my home state of Indiana is currently taking up legislation to ban the act of killing unborn children in the womb, one of the state's larger newspapers ran a story warning how "abortion restrictions may put stress on the foster care system."

It's not the logistical accuracy of the piece that frustrated me. Of course it's true that if killing "unwanted" children becomes illegal, more will be born, and it's a mathematical certitude that will result in more children being placed in an already strained foster care system.

What bothered me is that the article, like so many being written by pro-abortion activists in media these days, carried with it a sort of, "Well now look what you've done" tone. The shamelessness that so many are able to sustain while expressing disappointment society might not be able to kill kids legally anymore is grotesque.

The belief that feticide is an acceptable solution to the problem of unwantedness is as morally impoverished as the belief that homicide is an acceptable solution to the problem of neediness, or that genocide is an acceptable solution to the problem of population density. It's as dim and uninspired as it is evil.

But there's something else that is equally repulsive about these conversations – they are all written at the pro-life movement.


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