UK 'Thought Police' Arrest Pro-Life Advocate for Silently Praying Near Abortion Clinic

 By Steve Warren - Posted at CBN News:

A charity volunteer in the United Kingdom was arrested after she told the police she "might" be praying silently when questioned as to why she was standing on a public street near an abortion facility. And she's not the first person to be arrested in the UK in recent months for praying in their head.

The Alliance Defending Freedom UK, a faith-based legal advocacy organization, reports police officers approached Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, the director of UK March for Life, who was standing near the BPAS Robert Clinic in Kings Norton, an area of Birmingham, England.

Vaughan-Spruce was carrying no sign and remained completely silent until approached by the officers. The police had received complaints from an onlooker who suspected that Vaughan-Spruce was praying silently in her mind in an area described by the ADF UK as a "censorship zone."

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