The presidential debate was between a pro-choice candidate–and a pro-abortion one

By Jonathon Van Maren - Posted at The Bridgehead: 

"This debate also signalled another political shift that got largely lost in the sound and fury of Biden’s collapsing candidacy: For the first time in decades, the Republican nominee ran as an openly pro-choice candidate. Trump claimed (mistakenly) that 'everyone' wanted Roe v. Wade overturned, which of course isn’t true—Roe was the Left’s sacred cow, and only a handful of leftist constitutional scholars were willing to admit that it was bad law. He also claimed that the pro-life movement’s goal was always to return the issue to the states rather than achieve protections for children in the womb. That is also false. But worst of all, Trump endorsed the Supreme Court’s decision to preserve the availability of the abortion pill; last year, 63% of abortions were facilitated with the abortion pill." 
Published June 28, 2024

The Republican Party—and MAGA world—is rejoicing after last night’s presidential debate. Donald Trump was more disciplined than we’ve ever seen him and stuck to his talking points. President Joe Biden’s implosion began from the moment he shuffled onto stage and didn’t end after his wife helped him painstakingly down the handful of stairs from the debate stage afterwards. Biden forgot words; swallowed entire sections of sentences; looked frequently confused; and very frail and fragile. By the close of the evening, his candidacy seemed liked elder abuse; an incredibly cringeworthy leaked video showed Jill Biden telling her husband: “Joe, you did such a good job, you answered every question, you knew all the facts!”

The media’s response has been so unanimous and vehement that it seems very unlikely that this wasn’t at least anticipated. From MSNBC to CNN, progressive talking heads spoke with one voice: Joe Biden is too old, and he must be replaced. When the dust settles, perhaps they’ll realize that their naked cynicism has dealt another blow to their already crumbling credibility. For years, we’ve been told that observations of Biden’s obvious decline were right-wing conspiracies, even Russian disinformation. Journalists and Democrats (I repeat myself) swore up and down that behind closed doors, he had the mental acuity of Einstein and the physical stamina of a Navy SEAL. The world saw, clearly, that they were deliberately lying.