Forced Abortions Continue Under China’s "Relaxed" Family Planning Policies

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By Dave Bohon - Posted at The New American:

Despite reports earlier this year that China was poised to end its notorious family planning policies, the communist government appears to be continuing to force abortion on women who have more children than officially allowed.

According to National Public Radio (NPR) and the pro-life group Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF), the Chinese government recently coerced an ethnic Kazakh woman with two children living in Kazakhstan with her new husband to return to China, where she had previously lived, and then forcibly aborted her third child under China’s two-child policy.

As reported by WRWF, the woman, whose first husband died in China in 2015, married a Kazakh citizen living in Kazakhstan across the border in the summer of 2018. But she was informed by the Chinese government that she had to return with her two children to China in order to cancel her Chinese citizenship and become a citizen of Kazakhstan.

When she arrived back in China with her children, Chinese authorities discovered that she was pregnant and demanded that she terminate the pregnancy under China’s two-child policy — even though she assured them that the child she was carrying was conceived with her husband in Kazakhstan, making the unborn child a Kazakh citizen.


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