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Life and State Law in 2021

 Posted at Pregnancy Help News:

A comprehensive list of all pro-life legislation passed in 2021 and what states might be working on in this New Year.

(NCR) Editor's Note: The following list of recent and forthcoming abortion-related and life-related activity in the 50 U.S. states was compiled with information provided by Ingrid Duran, director of state legislation for the National Right to Life Committee, supplemented by the text of bills and by news reports.


The state’s Human Life Protection Act, enacted in May 2019, is awaiting action in the federal courts. It would ban abortions at all stages, with exceptions for fatal fetal anomalies, a serious health risk to the mother, or in cases where a mentally ill mother would commit suicide or harm the baby.


A “Life at Conception” bill was introduced in 2021; it did not pass.


The Arizona Legislature passed an omnibus bill in April 2021 (subsequently signed by the governor) that bans abortions because of a baby’s sex, race or genetic abnormality; prohibits public schools from making referrals for abortions; requires abortion businesses to provide an ultrasound evaluation of a developing child, including likely gestational age, at the request of a woman seeking an abortion; bans public funding for almost all abortions; requires abortion facilities to inform women who have taken the first of two scheduled doses of abortion-inducing drug mifepristone that inform her that the use of that drug “is not always effective”; and requires humane disposal of the bodily remains of an aborted child.


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