God works good out of bad from pregnancy center attacks – Communities step up

 By Patty Knap - Posted at Pregnancy Help News:

What good could possibly come out of the ongoing pro-abortion attacks on life-saving pregnancy help centers?

It might be hard to imagine, but often the response to the hatred, vandalism, fire bombing, spray painting, glass breaking, and false claims about pregnancy centers in recent months has had a positive element.

Pregnancy Help News reached out to some centers targeted by these attacks to find out what response they've seen from their local communities.

What’s been happening has been nothing short of inspiring as communities across the U.S. have come forth to support pregnancy help centers.

In Asheville, N.C., Mountain Area Pregnancy Services was attacked on June 7. The phone there hadn't stopped ringing with offers of help in the subsequent weeks.

"From the morning of the attack, our center has received hundreds of phone calls from individuals, churches & businesses asking if we needed help cleaning up," said Kristi Brown, executive director.

"The day of the attack we sent out an email asking if anyone wanted to join a Wednesday 9 a.m. prayer time in our parking lot,” Brown said. “That event proved to be standing room only. So many people prayed with us and over us that day. It was powerful.”


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