South Carolina Senators reject a near-total abortion ban

By Jeffrey Collins (Associated Press) - Posted at 

Published September 8, 2022

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina senators rejected a ban on almost all abortions Thursday in a special session called in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Although Republicans had a majority of votes to pass the ban, Republican Sen. Tom Davis threatened to filibuster and proponents of the ban could not get the extra votes to stop him.

Davis, the chief of staff for former Gov. Mark Sanford before being elected to the Senate in 2009, was joined by the three Republican women in the Senate, a fifth GOP colleague and all the chamber’s Democrats to oppose the proposed ban.


September 10, 2022

WLTX Report [see below] on SC Senate H5399 Debate Sept 8

1) Notice how Senate "Republican" Majority Leader Shane Massey (Edgefield) caved to THREAT of filibuster by pro-"abortion" RINO Senator Tom Davis (Beaufort). 
2) Note Senator Luke Rankin ("R" - Horry) had just been granted leave (!!??) less than 25 minutes (4:54pm) before the crucial Motion to bring H5399 matter to a close (5:18pm) by Senator Massey. 
3) So why did Majority Leader Massey not either: a) Engage the filibuster vs cloture fight with pro-abort Tom Davis so public would become aware in real time of who would, and which RINO's would not (probably, initially at least, Davis, Gustafson, Hembree, Senn, Shealy), vote for cloture to end the threatened Tom Davis filibuster ?; and/or, b) Call for Adjournment to meet the next day (9/9), when Rankin returned, and the public was more aware of which RINO Senators were voting against cloture ? Notice, as WLTX article reports, there was never even an actual cloture vote on Tom Davis filibustering!  

So why didn't Massey put up a real fight ? Massey claimed it was a "math question" and the votes were not there. Maybe so at 5:18pm on Thurs, Sept 8. But filibuster and cloture vote battles are about more than just the immediate vote count. Such battles are also about endurance and who cares most about the outcome, and how the public and constituents respond when they learn of the ongoing filibuster vs cloture fight. Massey's surrender without a real fight pre-empted all of that. He should have at least called for Adjournment and come back to fight the next day Sept 9. That is not what happened. Now an "enhanced" Heartbeat Bill version of H5399 has been sent back to SC House. H5399 was, and is now moreso, an unjust Bill. 

Pass Personhood H5401/S1335 Now !!! 


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