Life Legal Defense Foundation: 'U.S. SUPREME COURT declines to reconsider WILD UNJUST JUDGMENT against CMP HEROES….'

Published October 2, 2023

In a victory for the abortion industry over long-standing legal principle, the U.S. Supreme Court this morning declined to reconsider the outrageous judgment won in a San Francisco Court against pro-life heroes of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), who in their ground-breaking videos exposed Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish and illegal trade in baby body parts. Life Legal petitioned for a writ of certiorari in this case back in May of this year.

One point that cannot be overemphasized is that, despite oceans of obfuscation from the pro-abortion mainstream media, the undercover videos from CMP did not just allege anything. Rather, they proved that Planned Parenthood was breaking the law by peddling aborted “fetal tissue” — including whole late-term hearts, livers, brains, and heads — for “valuable consideration.” Abortionists were caught on tape bargaining for maximum advantage in such exchanges.

This truth was never seriously disputed in the civil trial that led to over $2 million in damages and $14 million in attorney fees against pro-lifers. It was never disputed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals when that body upheld the judgment.

Our petition, therefore, addressed other questions: whether claims against CMP’s heroes should be dismissed, given that the plaintiffs suffered no injury, and whether the lower courts were in error when they affirmed damages to Planned Parenthood to compensate for its own voluntary expenditures.

Our petition was convincingly argued and strongly rooted in general legal principles and in case law. Unfortunately, as typically happens, the Court declined to grant certiorari.

The same Court noted in Dobbs v. Jackson, the ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, that both Roe and Casey led to the distortion of legal doctrines unrelated to abortion. Although Roe and Casey are now reversed, their corruption of the law continues in cases such as Planned Parenthood v. CMP. The precedent of awarding damages in compensation for voluntary expenditures is an extremely dangerous one, and the legal sharks are circling to put it into practice against people not involved in the pro-life movement. It is an issue that will have to be resolved in the future, and in our view it would have been better for everyone to resolve it now.

Way back in the 1980s, prominent Southern novelist Walker Percy, best known for The Moviegoer, addressed the pro-abortion crowd directly. “You may get your way,” he said, “but you can’t have it both ways. You’re going to be told what you’re doing.” Pro-lifers are still telling the abortion syndicate what it’s doing. The torturous abuse of the law employed against CMP’s heroes is yet more evidence that the abortionists can’t endure hearing the truth.


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