Wake up Ohio—some clarity on radical proposed abortion amendment

 By Kim Hayes - Posted at Pregnancy Help News:

Published October 23, 2023

Miscarriage care in Ohio will be completely unaffected by the outcome of Issue 1. Abortion on demand for all nine months of pregnancy will be allowed if Issue 1 passes.

These two facts related to what is on the ballot in Ohio are being conflated by a barrage of confusing, misleading ads in favor of the abortion law, the ads' content repeated and recited as reality.

Ohio’s attorney general Dave Yost has addressed the confusion among voters in advance of the November 7 election. Yost is encouraging voters to understand what the proposed ‘reproductive rights’ constitutional amendment will and will not do.

After multiple encounters with confused voters including one woman who told Yost that she isn’t too worried about Issue 1, because “we will still have the heartbeat bill,” Yost has issued formal statements and provided complete legal analysis on the Ohio AG website.


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