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Abortion Doesn’t Just Kill The Child, It Psychologically Kills The Mother

By Stella Morabito - Posted at The Federalist:

No amount of denial from pro-choicers can change the fact that many post-abortive mothers carry the grief of a severed parent-child bond with them.

As human beings, we all have preferred realities that live in our heads. It’s natural to think everybody else should adopt our personal preferences because then, at least to us, it seems our personal lives would be easier. When something conflicts with our preferred reality, we tend to go into denial about it. This is especially true for major and irreversible actions––those really big gaps between our preferred reality and the facts that can’t be reversed. Hence, denial, and a lot of it.

So it is with abortion. The illusion of choice is that abortion doesn’t hurt anybody. Women who openly regret their abortions shatter that illusion. They shine light on the truth that the act of abortion is deeply damaging to women, as well as lethal to children. This frightens pro-abortion activists, who prefer and propagate the propaganda line that abortion regret is a “myth.” We can call them regret deniers.

The central problem is that actual reality––otherwise known as the truth––doesn’t care what you or I think about anything at all. Reality is always out there, like it or not. Abortion, for example, produces dead people. That’s reality. As long as we are a society that at least pays lip service, to varying degrees, to the sanctity of (most) human life, it’s a reality that still, so far, has a grip on our consciences.


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