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Christians for Personhood: SC Supreme Court votes 4-1 to uphold Orwellian*, Unjust*, Six-Week Heartbeat Bill which further incrementally regulates child-murder by "abortion"

Columbia, SC
August 23, 2023

SC Supreme Court votes 4-1 to uphold Orwellian*, Unjust*, Six-Week Heartbeat Bill which further incrementally regulates child-murder by "abortion"

'Unjust Heartbeat Law (S474) Oral Arguments in SC Supreme Court Tuesday, June 27, 2023'

Christians for Personhood

‘Re: Orwellian, Unjust, Pro-“Abortion”, Pro-Fornication, Pro-“Abortion”-Funding S474 Heartbeat Bill’

Christians for Personhood


Not protecting human life until at or after 1 1/2 months post-fertilization is NOT upholding the Sanctity of Human Life, it is NOT Justice.

Justice is upholding God's Law

God says,

"Thou shalt not kill (murder)."
Exodus 20:13, KJV

PERSONHOOD at fertilization with no exceptions is Justice.

'SC Supreme Court rules 6-week abortion ban is constitutional'

The State
Aug 23, 2023


"Lawmakers included four exceptions in the six-week law: for rape and incest up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, in cases of fatal fetal anomaly, and in cases protecting the mother’s life.

“The Supreme Court’s ruling marks a historic moment in our state’s history and is the culmination of years of hard work and determination by so many in our state to ensure that the sanctity of life is protected,” ** Gov. Henry McMaster said in a statement. “With this victory, we protect the lives of countless unborn children and reaffirm South Carolina’s place as one of the most pro-life states in America.” ***

** The Sanctity of Human Life is NOT protected by the Orwellian, Unjust, Six-Week Heartbeat Law. Beside the one obvious Big Exception of allowing ALL children in the womb to be exterminated prior to six weeks, there are also multiple exceptions to the "ban" after six weeks, including the euthanasia exception, the so-called "fatal fetal anomaly" [sic and sick].

*** Although no State has fully established and applied PERSONHOOD, there are 15 other States in America which already have near-total bans on surgical "abortion":


... But NOT South Carolina, because of the REPEATED pro-"abortion" voting of ALL 16 then-Democrat SC State Senators and these 6 pro-"abortion" fake "Republican" SC State Senators:

Tom Davis (BEAUFORT)
Penry Gustafson (KERSHAW)
( CENSURED by Kershaw GOP )
Greg Hembree (HORRY)
Luke Rankin (HORRY)
Katrina Shealy (LEXINGTON)
( CENSURED by Lexington VGOP)


So where is the CENSURE of Davis, Hembree, Rankin, and Senn by their respective County GOP organizations ?

And where is the CENSURE and REBUKE of ALL SIX pro-"abortion" fake "Republicans" by the South Carolina State GOP and the Chairman Drew McKissick ?

Does Drew McKissick, Chairman of the SC GOP, support the SC GOP Platform ?

The official SC GOP Party Platform is a PERSONHOOD Platform

The South Carolina Republican Party Platform


Article II – To Establish Justice

The Right to Life

“We believe the Fourteenth Amendment’s protection applies to unborn children. Unborn children should be classified as legal persons not as legal property.”

Establish Justice, NOW !

Pass Personhood, NOW !

Gradual, incremental regulation is NOT Justice; it is PERPETUATION !

William Lloyd Garrison
19th Century American Slavery Abolitionist

“… Has not the experience of two centuries shown that gradualism in theory is perpetuity in practice ?”


The Bible says,

"To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice."
Proverbs 21:3, KJV


"Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: ..."
Amos 5:15, KJV

Justice and Judgment are only established when God's Word is honored.

God says,

"Thou shalt not kill (murder)."
Exodus 20:13, KJV


Steve Lefemine
Christian pro-life, pro-personhood, pro-chastity missionary


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