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Post-Christian Sex

 By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at The Heidelblog:

Published July 1, 2022

There is a remarkable article on which features a series of comments from young people who belong to “Generation Z.” Sometimes described as “Zoomers,” GenZ are those who were born after 1996. The article purports to reflect the fears of Generation Z about sex after the end of Roe v. Wade.

The Strange New (To Zoomers) Post-Roe World

Like many writing on this question, neither the author of the article nor those interviewed seemed to understand the legal ramifications of the end of the Roe/Doe legal regime imposed on the country for nearly 50 years in 1973. The Roe, Doe, and Casey decisions by the Supreme Court stole the debate over the legal status of abortion and the legal status of unborn humans from the state and federal legislative bodies. It pre-empted the debate through an untenable and even bizarre interpretation of the Constitution.

Legal scholars and Supreme Court justices (e.g., Ruth Bader-Ginsburg) have long recognized that Roe was badly decided. In Casey, the court tried to save Roe but Casey would not hold. In Dobbs, the court repudiated both the conclusions of Roe, Doe, and Casey but also its earlier approach to Constitutional interpretation.

In Dobbs, the court returned the debate to the legislative bodies in America, where the elected representatives of the people can address the issue state by state. Both the author and the Zoomers interviewed seem to assume that the end of Roe means the impossibility of obtaining an abortion. This is a false premise, a false conclusion, and quite at odds with the facts. Even as the Dobbs ruling was being announced corporations such Patagonia were announcing that they would pay the bail of those of their employees who were arrested for breaking the law while protesting Dobbs. Several other corporations pledged either to move their employees to a blue state where abortions will continue to be performed on demand, for any reason and presumably at any point in the pregnancy. This means that GenZers need only to cross state lines to continue to have access to abortions for the purposes of birth control. It was fascinating to see the author and the interviewees casually admit that the abortions they envisioned getting (or not being able to obtain) were entirely for the sake of convenience and career. Of course, to those who have been paying attention this is no surprise. The two groups shouting the loudest to preserve the Roe regime were professional (mostly white) women, whose careers might be interrupted or even ended by bringing another human safely into the world, and their boyfriends/lovers/husbands who also benefit personally from sex without responsibility.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the article, however, is that no one, not the author nor the interviewees, seemed able to imagine a world where a single seventeen-year old was not having sex. That someone should be able to have pre-marital sex without consequence is regarded in the article as an unquestioned truth. Were this lot to write the Declaration of Independence it might say, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that everyone is entitled to sex whenever, with whomever, without consequence.”


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