Sex trafficking victim: Pro-life center ‘saved my life’

 Posted at Pregnancy Help News:

A woman who was a victim of sex trafficking for nearly 30 years said that a New Hampshire pregnancy resource center (PRC) saved her life.

In an op-ed for The Hill, Jean Marie Davis recounted her personal experience as a newly pregnant 29-year-old woman who had been trafficked since the age of two.
I suffered serial abuse, rape and even murder attempts by various pimps. I was heavily addicted to hard drugs such as crystal meth and cocaine. I eventually reached a point where I intentionally sought to end my life by overdosing.
Even though I was losing weight from the drugs, my belly kept growing, and I soon discovered the pregnancy that would ultimately save my life.
For the sake of her unborn child, Davis boldly escaped. “Pregnant, terrified and with nowhere to go, I literally ran away from the only life I had ever known.”

It was then that she came across the PRC which she credits with setting her free.


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