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History of Personhood Legislation in South Carolina ( 1998 - 2018 )

Christians for Personhood ( CP )
Columbia, South Carolina
November 29, 2018


History of Personhood Legislation in South Carolina ( 1998 - 2018 )

Principled SC personhood legislation has been introduced in the SC House continuously since February 1998.

Principled SC personhood legislation has been introduced in the SC Senate continuously since 2005, plus the first time in February 1998.

1997-1998 Session:

House H.4558 introduced Feb 1998 - co-sponsors
Senate S.1060 introduced Feb 1998 -
9 co-sponsors

1999-2000 Session:
House H.3135 - co-sponsors
No Senate personhood bill

2001-2002 Session
House H.3252 - co-sponsors
No Senate personhood bill

2003-2004 Session
House H.3190 - co-sponsors
No Senate personhood bill

2005-2006 Session
House - H.3213 - co-sponsors
Senate S.111 -
7 co-sponsors


SOUTH CAROLINA (2005) - First (only) time Personhood legislation passes SC House of Representatives, albeit with fatal flaw rape "exception" amendment allowing abortifacient drug use

Personhood legislation (Bill - H.3213) passed in the South Carolina House on Second Reading, April 13, 2005 by a vote of 95 - 18, albeit with a fatal flaw rape EXCEPTION amendment for a so-called "morning-after-pill" (an abortifacient causing chemical abortions) that was added to the bill on the SC House floor prior to passage which allowed for this abortifacient drug to be given to a woman in the case of rape. The bill then passed as amended on Third Reading, April 14, 2005 by a vote of 91 - 10, and was sent to the SC Senate, where it was later assigned to the Judiciary Committee. Two Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Hearings were held, however no Subcommittee debate was conducted, and no vote was taken on the bill, effectively killing H.3213 for the 2005-2006 Session.

SC House Judiciary Committee, April 5, 2005 - H.3213
Audio (38:33) - Following debate, bill passed favorably by vote of 15 - 5 (roll call)

SC Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, May 4, 2005 - S.111 / H.3213
Audio (40:50) - Public hearing, no debate or vote

SC Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, May 18, 2005 - S.111 / H.3213
Audio (36:09) - Public hearing, no debate or vote

Personhood Bill Passes in South Carolina House 14, 2005 [ URL link no longer functions ]

'South Carolina House Passes Personhood Bill' (with fatal flaw) - April 14, 2005

TAKE ACTION TO PASS the “Right to Life Act of South Carolina”


2007-2008 Session
House H.3284
- co-sponsors
Senate S.313 - co-sponsors

2009-2010 Session
House H.3526 - co-sponsors
Senate S.450 - co-sponsors [ Note: five co-sponsors bailed out on April 13, 2010 Recall vote ]

2011-2012 Session
House H.3945 - co-sponsors
Senate S.616 - co-sponsors

2013-2014 Session
House H.3584 - co-sponsors
Senate S.457 - co-sponsors

2015-2016 Session - First (only) Personhood Constitutional Amendments introduced

Personhood Act
Senate S.129 -
5 co-sponsors

Personhood Constitutional Amendment
Senate S.719 -
13 co-sponsors

Personhood Constitutional Amendment
House H.4093
59 co-sponsors

2017-2018 Session
House H.3530 - co-sponsors
Senate S.217 - co-sponsors




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