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The Secret Treachery of the Pro-life Establishment

By Ben Zeisloft - Posted at American Reformer:

The Pro-Life Industry Continues to Block Abolitionist Victories

For more than fifty years, most American Christians have outsourced the battle to end abortion to the pro-life movement, a loose alliance of activists and institutions in general agreement that abortion ought to be curtailed through the legislative and judicial processes. The institutions that charter the political strategy for this alliance, which are dominated by Roman Catholics but have some significant Protestant figureheads, rely on evangelical votes and donations to place their ostensible champions in elected office.

In exchange for their ballots and their dollars, these well-meaning evangelicals in turn expect pro-life lobbyists to pass legislation that bans abortion and protects preborn babies from murder. Few of these evangelicals know, however, that the institutional pro-life movement has long been politically corrupted and ideologically compromised.

This week at The Republic Sentinel, we learned that a board member of Ohio Right to Life has been working behind the scenes to pressure lawmakers into shunning a bill that would immediately abolish and criminalize abortion. We also obtained audio of a Republican member of the Ohio House admitting that the Center for Christian Virtue, another pro-life organization, asked him to refrain from introducing the bill until after a November ballot measure that could enshrine abortion in the state constitution.

In essence, the bill which was so zealously opposed by the pro-life establishment would simply apply existing laws that already protect born people from murder to preborn babies, thereby establishing equal protection under the law for preborn children in the state of Ohio. This reality is the stated objective of most pro-life entities and the clear desire of the pro-life grassroots, a fact that makes the opposition from the pro-life establishment in Ohio all the more astonishing.


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