Federal agency claims abortion is best option for pregnant veterans

By Amy Jo Underwood - Posted at The Sentinel:

The Department of Veterans Affairs is now recommending abortion as the safest option for pregnant veterans, according to exclusive training videos obtained by The Post Millennial.

In leaked videos used to train healthcare providers that work with the agency, pregnancy is described as a condition that is “most certainly not benign” and harmful for “pregnancy capable persons.” The training videos instruct personnel to steer away from the term “mother” and to use gender-neutral language.

VA personnel are also instructed to avoid the words “baby” and “unborn child,” and told to instead use “fetus” and “embryo.” They also are told to use “uterus” instead of “womb” and “intact dilation and evacuation” instead of “partial birth abortion.” Additionally, healthcare personnel are told to never say “congratulations” to an expectant mother, but to instead merely inform them that they are pregnant when sharing the results.