Pro-life activist turned gov’t informant calls rescue movement a ‘cult’ in second DC FACE Act trial

 By Louis Knuffke - Posted at LifeSite News:

Published September 14, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – Caroline Davis testified again in federal court against fellow pro-life activists as part of a plea agreement with the federal government, characterizing the entire pro-life rescue movement with which she used to be involved as a “cult.”

Davis’s plea agreement, which she received in exchange for reduced charges and sentencing on two other FACE Act violation charges in Michigan, also mandates that she be indefinitely available to the federal government in the future.

With apparent zeal, the pro-life rescuer-turned-prosecution witness offered to the court every detail she could recall about the October 22, 2020 “traditional rescue” at the Washington-Surgi Clinic, in which she participated without being charged for violations of FACE. Confessing that she “no longer believed in rescue,” and with clear derision for her previous “mistaken” way of thinking, Davis characterized the entire pro-life rescue movement as a “cult.”

Referring to the blocking of entrances in the abortion facility intended to prevent women from killing their unborn babies, Davis said, “At the end of the day I’m glad I didn’t participate in it because I know it’s wrong, now.”

When asked by the defense, Davis did affirm that none of the pro-lifers at the clinic that day used physical force or violence – an important point for the jury, since in the verdict of the first trial it was a special finding of “use of force” that allowed the defendants’ actions to be characterized as a “crime of violence,” resulting in immediate incarceration.

Davis also admitted that she must testify “whenever the government calls upon me.”


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