Language matters; pro-life medical group releases medical glossary

By Sam Entile - Posted at Pregnancy Help News:

In an effort to promote “optimal healthcare for both pregnant woman and preborn children,” the American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) has issued a “Glossary of Medical Terms for Life-Affirming Medical Professionals.”

"In this post-Dobbs environment, it is critical for life-affirming medical professionals to utilize language that is scientifically accurate,” said Dr. Donna Harrison, board-certified OBGYN and AAPLOG’s director of research. “In order for women to have true informed consent it is essential that they be given accurate information about the humanity of the preborn, the intent of induced abortion, and the difference between induced abortion and medically indicated maternal-fetal separations.”

“The pro-abortion American College of OB-GYNs (ACOG) obscures these facts in their own recently-published "Guide to Language and Abortion," Harrison said, “encouraging terminology that dehumanizes the preborn and euphemizes induced abortion.”

ACOG’s March 2022 language guide claims to be “without bias.” However, its language recommendations do not necessarily reflect medical science. For example, it stresses to use such language as “medication abortion” instead of “chemical abortion,” even though the abortion pill does not medicate any illness.

The AAPLOG glossary recognizes this and recommends avoiding the term “medication abortion” to refer to the abortion pill regimen.

The glossary states: “medication implies that an illness is being treated and that there is therapeutic benefit.”

Because pregnancy is not an illness, the glossary recommends alternate language such as “intentional embryocide by chemical agent” or “intentional feticide via mifepristone.”

This recommendation is especially timely in light of an ongoing court case against the FDA, which fast-tracked the abortion drug mifepristone on the false grounds that it treated a “serious or life-threatening illness.”


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