The worst lie: That weakened safety standards for chemical abortions does not pose a threat to women

 By Kim Hayes - Posted at Pregnancy Help News:

The Biden administration has taken every opportunity to push the use of the abortion pill, not simply ignoring safety standards, but actually lying about the potential threat to women.

A recent article from The Washington Stand detailed “The 5 Worst Lies of the Biden Administration,” number 1 being, “Weakened safety standards for the abortion pill regimen does not pose a threat to women.”

The article recapped how the Biden administration has worked to push chemical abortion even at the risk of women’s safety and with disregard for the facts.

In January of this year the FDA removed the in-person requirement for dispensing abortion drug mifepristone and opened the door to distributing chemical abortion pills via brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

The article then covered how mifepristone – the first of two drugs in the two-drugs chemical abortion regimen - had previously been placed under the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation System (REMS) “due to reports of adverse events up to and including death,” and that “REMS is reserved “for certain medications with serious safety concerns.”


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