Stifled Cry: The story of 11 people and their struggle for the right to defend innocent life.

11 people are being charged with conspiracy and violation of the FACE Act for protesting abortion in Mt. Juliet TN in 2021. The government wants to portray them as violent extremists. We want to show you who they are – normal people with normal lives who have a conviction that murdering children is wrong. They have families, jobs, passions, and values. They are also willing to risk their freedom in order to call out the insanity of calling abortion 'healthcare.'
Stifled Cry will show you who these people are, why they are willing to face incarceration, what the FACE Act is and how it became federal law, and how the overturning of ROE in the DOBBS decision is only the start of the fight for the unborn in this generation.

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