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Missionaries to the Preborn: Failed Opposition

May Christ do great things in the hearts of men!  July 30th, 2019 Dear Friends of the Preborn,  Those who opposed our 8-day effort for the preborn here in Milwaukee, put these billboards up all around Milwaukee. They also spent tens of thousands of dollars and took out full page newspaper ads, had a truck that drove around postered up, did tons of social networking ads, and flew in some low-level comedians from California - all to rally people against us and our efforts. Here is a picture of the poster they made against me. Yet, they could never muster more than 20 people here in Milwaukee and even when they gathered in liberal, decadent Madison they only had 40 show up for their big rally of opposition. The opposition was formed and led by Liz Winstead who was one of the creators of the Daily Show with John Stewart which is well-known for its propagation of filth and socialism. Here is the link to their website they created against our efforts in Milwaukee: ht

4 Reasons the Abortion Industry Will Never Accept Abortion Pill Rescue (APR)

Pregnancy Help News By Kirk Walden - Posted at Pregnancy Help News: This week, Pregnancy Help News rolled out yet another story of Abortion Pill Rescue (APR). Shashana Hazi is one of more than 750 women now crediting this protocol for saving her child’s life. Yet while the pro-life community celebrates another little boy in this world, the abortion industry turns its nose, calling APR “junk science” and “unproven.” Friends, it doesn’t matter if APR saves 750, 75,000 or 7.5 million lives. The abortion industry (and its friends) will always try to discredit APR. Here are four reasons why: #1 Because APR is About Choice If the abortion industry ever acknowledged the efficacy of APR, it would place them in an untenable position. Currently, the industry monopolizes the word, “Choice.” If they ever admit APR works, it is reasonable to expect any provider of “choice” to share APR information with its clientele. They’ll never do this, so the industry’s only option is to dismiss APR.

Operation Save America: We Serve a God Who Answers by Fire

Reminiscent of the days of Elijah and the false prophets of Baal, Operation Save America and the pro-abort group Garbage Fyre Festival squared off at the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday, Thursday, July 18th. Madison became the Mount Carmel showdown between good and evil in our day. Operation Save America provided a 3 fold witness to the Wisconsin state government officials that reside in Madison. First, there was a paid ad in the Capital Times that contained an Open Letter to the Magistrates and Citizens of Wisconsin. This ad called upon them to rise up and break the covenant of death established by Roe vs. Wade that has produced a culture of death savaging our nation. Second, there was a team established outside the Capital to bear witness to the truth. Signs, literature and the preaching of God's word went forth, while the Garbage Fyre Festival mocked Christ with vile blasphemies. Third, a lobbying team went to each Wisconsin legislator to remind them of t

How Pregnancy Centers Prevent the Exponential Trauma of Abortion, One Conversation at a Time.

Pregnancy Help News By Susanne Maynes - Posted at Pregnancy Help News: As we reviewed her pregnancy history, I asked the young woman how she was doing emotionally in terms of her past abortion. Eyes downcast, she shrugged slightly and softly replied, “I did what I had to do.” She didn’t say, “I’m glad I had the abortion.” She didn’t tell me it made her feel proud, or that it got her life back, or that it made her a better person. Just, “I did what I had to do.” In other words, she saw no other option. She lacked the hope, vision and resources for any other outcome. She felt trapped and acted accordingly. Her simple sentence is the most positive statement about a past abortion I’ve heard in ten years of pregnancy center work—and it isn’t very positive at all. Abortion providers and proponents want us to believe that women are happy about the abortions they have undergone. They’ve been trying to get women to rally and testify that abortion has been a good thing in their lives—a li

A Culture of Death Pushed Back

Source: The Writing on the Wall By Vicky Kaseorg - Posted at The Writing on the Wall: It was a hot day, spits of rain making our volunteers scurry for umbrellas. Thus far, we’d had few interactions with the women intent on abortion. That is not to say we were discouraged. Most of us have been out there for years and know that God has the victory when we show up. We were there. Sweaty, bedraggled by rain, but there. Every woman who entered the abortion center heard our gentle pleas to trust God, not changeable circumstances or feelings. Every woman had heard the truth of her baby’s development, and God’s beautiful design, plan, and love for each precious one now in imminent danger. Every woman had been offered help and resources. We knew we had done all we could do and now it was up to that woman and God to alter the day’s outcome. A van pulled over for one of our counselors. There were several smiling children in the car. The mother of the happy brood rolled down her window a

Abortion, Infanticide, And The Gospel

By Pastor Andrew Barnes - Posted at Sermon Audio : Link: Scripture Text: Psalm 106:32-48 Isaiah 5:20

Social Justice Warriors Target OSA's National Event

By Rev. Rusty Thomas, Operation Save America Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn, God said, "All they that hate me love death" (Proverbs 8:36b). The lovers of death are coming. What do Drag Queen Story Hour , feminist Burlesque dancers (strippers), 'The Daily Show' co-creator Lizz Winstead, stand-up comedian and " The Young Turks " regular Aida Rodriguez, Al Jazeera Media correspondent Francesca Fiorentini, transgender comedian Jaye McBride, the National Organization for Women , Madison Abortion Defense , Democrat Socialists for America, Indivisible Madison, Showing Up For Racial Justice Milwaukee , One Wisconsin Now , Abortion Access Front , Women's Medical Fund , Planned Parenthood , witches, feminists, immigration activists, and homosexual activists have in common? They're all planning to protest OSA. Abortion Access Front is hosting the protest called, "Garbage Fyre Festival." "Only you can put out