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Editorial: Winning the War on Abortion (9.23.2003)

By Angela Wittman

"The annual report from the Illinois Department of Public Health says 46,945 abortions were performed in the state in 2002. That's up just less than 1 percent, or 399 abortions, from the 46,546 reported in 2001, and up 1,061 from the 45,884 abortions reported in the state in 2000." (Taken from "Abortions in Illinois Rise Slightly", Bloomington Pantagraph, 9/22/03.)

Dear Friends,

Just moments ago I received this alert from Illinois Family Institute, "IFI E-ALERT: FINAL VOTE SOON ON PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTION BAN." Being a pro-life activist it immediately caught my attention. I scanned down the alert and checked to see how my U.S. Senator and Congressman have voted in the past. (I do not consider Dick Durbin my U.S. Senator as he seems to be too alien to represent southern Illinois values minus Carbondale, of course.)

As I continued reading I came across this quote from Dr. James Dobson of "Focus on the Family" concerning the gruesome murder called Partial Birth Abortion which he referred to as "just inches from infanticide." Just inches from infanticide? Dear friends, if we truly believe life begins at conception, then the killing of babies in the womb at any stage by any means is infanticide. I submit to you that when we stop using language like those who advocate the killing of pre-born children, we will make even greater strides in the abortion war. Our thinking must be changed to that of the baby is a living soul at any stage of development in the womb and killing that child is the crime of murder.

Are you wondering where you as an individual or your church can start to affect change? Perhaps these words that a dear friend and pro-life gentleman in Pennsylvania recently wrote will give you the needed direction and encouragement: "We know instinctively that the children would want our assistance if they were mature enough to understand their situation. And we know that they truly need our help since they are helpless and defenseless. But the judicially-imposed LAW of Roe v. Wade coerces us to ignore and harden our Christian conscience--our known DUTY to our "neighbor" in the womb. In time we grow callous and more easily inclined to react to ANY defense of the unborn with discomfort or even scorn. How easy it is to just walk by on the other side of the road!! Pray that our hearts, like that of the good Samaritan, would remain soft and malleable to our Saviour's touch!"

Yes, dear friends, let us pray that our hearts will "remain soft and malleable" and we will respond to the "Saviour's touch." I pray we will each take up our cross and follow Him into the battle for the right of life for the most defenseless and innocent of human beings to live in and out of the womb --beautiful babies. We must be courageous and speak the truth with all boldness. This is truly how we will win the war on abortion and each individual battle. The LORD and the children are counting on us. Amen.


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