Interview with Paul Smith (1.13.2007)

Christian Activist Pro-Life News

Volume 5, Issue 2 – January 13, 2007

January 13, 2007

Dear Friends for Life,

I am blessed to introduce you to Mr. Paul Smith of Idaho who ran for the US House of Representatives in the 2006 elections. He is 100% pro-life with no exceptions and no compromise. Please keep Mr. Smith in prayer as he brings glory to the LORD by standing for righteousness in Idaho.

You can contact Mr. Paul Smith at or you may visit his website:

Thank you,
Angela Wittman, editor


God help us in this most desperate hour.

Paul Smith, 2006 U.S. Congressional Candidate, Idaho, District 1

AW: Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed for the Christian Activist Pro-Life News. Please tell us a little about your family.

PS: I have no immediate family. My mother and siblings live on the West Coast. My father died in 2001. I came from a middle-class Catholic family. My folks struggled financially to put us through Catholic and later Jesuit run schools. My father was the eldest of his family, who were all orphaned when his mother died while he was just seven. He graduated from the school of hard knocks, and though he was often a tyrant at home, had his tender (albeit awkward) moments as well. He was well-respected by his peers not only for his fairness, but he was also a voracious reader who studied, among other authors, Will Durant. He was a man of well-chosen words and did not suffer fools lightly. We spent many nights after dinner listening while my father elucidated us to the finer points of morality, history, and politics. My mother, though no slouch herself, was not his equal intellectually, and would, more often than not, endure his lengthy diatribes with well-masked but nonetheless discernable platitudes.

AW: Are you a Christian and a member of a Church?

: I call myself a Christian, but am a poor imitator of Christ. I am not a member of any particular church. Currently I am attending an Orthodox Presbyterian church in Boise, but I am what is called a Reformed Baptist.

AW: What prompted you to run for US Congress in 2006?

PS: I was approached by members of the CP of Idaho (of which I was a member at the time), to run in order that the Party should maintain its ballot access initially; however there was a seed of accountability that had taken root in me that grew to eventually overcome the pragmatic angle. I recognized, I believe, the utter futility of voicing opposition to tyranny without making a public stand against it.

AW: How are you different from the other candidates who also ran for the US House of Representatives in Idaho’s District 1?

PS: I hold to the American View of government, which has, as you know, Christ as its leader. I hold that all laws repugnant to Christ are null and void, that principle which is also mirrored in the Constitution. Most "polished-ticians" are socialists, as, I might add remorsefully, are most Christians. Bill Sali, who is now our Congressman, can be classified as your run of the mill Christian "repugnican" cheerleader. He knows better, but a few terms in the local legislature have dimmed his civil and spiritual acuity to put it mildly. Any man who publicly endorses torture as a method to "protect and defend the Constitution" is mad.

Did you receive support from Churches and Christian organizations in Idaho?

PS: No, and I did nothing to court them.

AW: Have you been a candidate for other offices?

: Idaho State Senate 2004.

AW: Do you have any exceptions for the taking of a preborn baby’s life?

PS: I take every exception to the murder of the un-born, meaning of course, that there is no justification for infanticide.

AW: What is your opinion of "pro-life" legislation which does not call for the abolishment of killing babies through abortion, but regulates how and when it is done?

PS: “Moderated genocide” if there could ever be such a thing.

AW: Do you think the popular incremental approach to ending the abortion holocaust is a good strategy? Why or why not? Would you vote for this type of legislation?

PS: No. Murder is murder. No. I would use this as a platform to publicly rebuke the Church for It’s failure to be The Beacon in a fallen world. We, as Christians are doing an abysmal job in defending our Faith, as painfully evidenced in our culture. We have sat on our thumbs whilst our society and civil government has collapsed around us, and gleefully and blindly support any "polished-tician" who utters even vague references about God.

AW: If elected, would you have voted to continue and increase Title X funding?

PS: You mean the X File? Is this a trick question? Let’s see, it would depend upon whether that funding was part of a larger appropriation that would go to help "Faith Based Initiatives". Seriously, thanks for the softball. No.

AW: What are your thoughts on the government funding of Planned Parenthood?

PS: Not the proper role of government.

What do you think Congress can and should do to end the killing of babies through abortion?

PS: First, get on their knees, repent and turn to God. Next, remove funding for all un-Constitutional spending. Then, hold all Branches of the Federal government accountable to the Constitution. Next, Stop stealing "We the People’s" money, and dismantle the Federal Reserve.

AW: What do you think is the most important issue facing America today?

PS: America has not only turned her back on God, she’s throwing shoes at Him!

Do you believe our nation will be held accountable by God for our disregard of His Law?

PS: Of course.

AW: Are you planning to run for Congress in 2008?

: No, it’s somebody else’s turn. Any takers?

AW: Please tell us how we can help and pray for you?

PS: Pray that God would cause me to be a better witness for Him, that he would be given the glory here on earth which he already has in heaven.