Interview with Adrian Horien (February 1, 2007)

Christian Activist Pro-Life News: Adrian Horien: A Voice for the Preborn - 02.01.07

Volume 5, Issue 4 – February 1, 2007


Dear Friends for Life,

This week it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Adrian Horien of Rockford, Illinois. Mr. Horien is an evangelist and a “Street Preacher” whom I greatly respect as he truly is ‘A Voice for the Preborn’ in Illinois and all across America as he travels with the Missionaries To The Preborn and calls sinners to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

Before sharing Adrian’s interview with you, I want to draw your attention to a ‘letter to the editor’ which he wrote after the 9-11 tragedy. I think that after reading the editorial and Mr. Horien’s interview you will be impressed with the love he has for the preborn and for our nation. It is my sincere hope that each one of you reading this newsletter will commit to pray on a regular basis for Mr. Adrian Horien whom God is using to call America to repentance.

[For an overview and history of “Street Preaching,” please see Life & Liberty Ministries: Street Preaching.]
Thank you.

For Christ’s Crown and Covenant,
Angela Wittman, editor

The USA in Distress

To the Editor:

If you see a US flag upside down, it is a sign of distress. During this time of national mourning and with many calling for us to petition God for His blessing, why don't we get really honest and begin to recognize that our country is in distress and not mourning. It is not God's blessing that we need, it is His mercy. There is only one problem though; His mercy is not available to the proud or the impenitent.

Consider with me for a moment; on September 11, approximately 6,000 people were killed during this tragedy. What makes it a tragedy is that they were killed without due process that found them guilty of a crime - they were innocent. Let's consider something else of a very weighty measure; every day, on average, some 4,400 babies are killed without due process that would find them guilty of a crime - they are innocent. If you do the math, that is equivalent to more than 15,000 September 11ths.

I ask you, why do we not mourn for that tragedy? Why do we not give of our money and time to rescue them from the rubble that entraps and entombs them? Why do we not cry out for the babies like we cry out for the victims in NYC, DC and Pennsylvania? Why do we not cry out against the lawmakers who allow this tragedy to go on like we cry out against the Taliban? Why are we protective of the abortionists while freely expressing our outrage and crafting law against the likes of Osama Bin Laden?

The answer is really very simple; we do not care unless it closely affects us. The dead babies do not affect our 401k like the merciless radicals of Osama Bin Laden. In reality, as a whole, we are selfish. It's time that we recognize that fact and repent, perhaps then God will hear us and give us protected shores again. Without it, we can be assured there will be many more such insurgences. How do I know? I read the Bible (try reading Isaiah 10, Ezekiel 9 and Ezekiel 22 among others).

Adrian Horien – Evangelist
Rockford, IL


Adrian Horien: A Voice for the Preborn

AW: Please tell us when and how you became involved in pro-life activism.

Adrian: My wife had an abortion when she was 17, and had not faced the reality that she had killer her child. As the Lord brought this to her conscience (over a several month period) she went through Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) counseling, which afterward she and I decided together to enroll into our local Crisis Pregnancy Center's volunteer training program. That was the beginning.

AW: Please tell us a little about your wife and children. Are they supportive of your preaching?

My wife, Fiona, is very supportive. In her view, I am doing front-lines work that she is currently unable to do. There is no sense of atoning for her abortion, per se; but she would like to see this horrific practice end for the sake of the babies and families that could-be.

My children help me with street activism. I have 5 children, and 2 grandsons. Not all of them go out with me alone, but we are able to get out as a family from time-to-time. My 14 year old daughter, Angellea, comes with me fairly often and enjoys doing so.

AW: What is Open Air or Street Preaching?

Adrian: Going where the people are, and lifting one's voice with a message of repentance from sin unto a just and righteous Creator. There are more than just a few ways to do this, but in basic that's what it is.

AW: How did you know God had called you to do this?

Adrian: I don't know that God called me to do it - it just makes sense to me. There are many examples from American and World History that demonstrate this basic method was employed effectively, and the scripture seems to exalt it as the useful way of preaching the Gospel.

AW: Do you preach at abortion mills? Do you believe preborn babies lives have been saved by your preaching?

Adrian: Yes. There is no better place, in my view, than to break it down to the most simple of terms and call out. Whether or not babies' lives have been saved by my preaching or not, I don't know. I can say, at the abortion mill 7 or 8 years ago, the results reported to us were that about 3 or 4 babies were confirmed saved each year. After we arrived it went to 30-40 babies confirmed saved each year. I don't think it can be attributed to the preaching necessarily, as it is a more dynamic environment than that, but it is a part of it.

AW: Do you show the graphic aborted baby pictures? How effective are these pictures combined with a man preaching the Word of God?

Yes, we use the murdered preborn pictures. Sometimes, (even often) preaching out loud gets in the way, because the babies preach a much better sermon than I could ever preach. The preaching at the abortion mill tends to be different than on a college campus (for example), or at a busy downtown is baby focused and you have to say a lot in about 20 seconds. Preaching there that isn't hard hitting, simple and concise, is better left unsaid.

I have read articles about you preaching at college campuses; what type of response do you usually get from the students and faculty?

Adrian: It depends on the specific campus; but usually, I get apathy, just like most places. However there are several "hot-topic" issues that will get a buzz going, from which good crowds ensue, and lingering-lasting discussions take place...Roe v. Wade...the humanity of the preborn...defensive action...homosexuality issues...creation-evolution... In this kind of environment, after the heckling and immaturity subsides, the issue of relative or absolute morality will turn into serious dialog. Young people have not, as a rule, thought much about these very basic issues, and if they can be challenged strongly enough, they will go away and their whole philosophical foundation will be shaken. It's at that point that they will either be open to answers or become hardened in their sin. Sadly, mostly, it's that they become hardened. However, a few brands can be plucked from the fire.

What is the message you preach? Do you present the Gospel?

That's an interesting question. The "Gospel" is "the good news". The Good News, to the wicked, is bad news. When Jesus gave us the Great Commission, he didn't tell us to go out and tell people about God's Grace, mercy or loving kindness; He told us to "teach all men what I have commanded". To me, preaching is about good and effective communicating. I don't preach in King James. I don't use scriptural references very often. I don't even use my Bible sometimes (depending on the day and environment). To the skeptic, the Bible is a non-source; so I don't use it - basic vice does not often need a Bible study to know it as vice. I do, however, use the principles the Bible teaches, which my challenge and call to action is based upon. Martin Luther said (something to this effect) 'though you fight on every other front, but not where the hottest fight rages, you are not in the frey'; so I call out on the hottest issues of our day. The reactions of these "hot-topics" are evidence that they are where the "hottest fight rages".

Have you ever been arrested for “Open Air” preaching? What were the charges? Were you vindicated in court?

Adrian: Yes, several times. They have been the typical trespassing, noise ordinance, disorderly conduct. I have been vindicated in court for all but 1 noise ordinance. I was ordered to pay $100, which was suspended until appeal was complete, and also ordered not to violate this ordinance ever again. My appeal was unsuccessful, all the way to the US Supreme Court.

Do you have any cases pending that you can tell us about?

Adrian: I, along with another preacher, Bill Landerholm, are being tried for noise ordinance again. The Lord has blessed us with a solid principled Lawyer who is maneuvering in the courts to have the ordinance struck down as unconstitutional, which, when that happens (his skill and tactics are proving to move what I was unable to as a pro se litigant) will impact on my former conviction and the City of Rockford, IL will likely have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the costs of appeal [Adrian Horien] from the former case. I have never paid the $100 fine, because I have never been ordered to. This keeps the case open and the City liable for damages. We look forward to this eventuality.

AW: Please tell us about the Life Tour Around Rockford (IL) you help organize. When is your next tour?

Adrian: Each year in the fall, we do a local "blitz". It is "Around Rockford" because we both stay in Rockford, and we go to communities nearby as well. Unlike some of the tours that travel long distances, we stay close to home and bombard the area with the truth of the humanity of the preborn. We line up at intersections with the large oversized pictures of the murdered preborn, accompanied by preaching. The fall '06 tour was different than others in the past. It was very fast paced and singly focused on the Hospital that sponsors the baby-killing clinic. We chose the businesses of the Board of Directors and the satellite locations of the hospital, drawing the community's attention to their baby-killing ways. We spent less time at each stop but covered more ground than in past years. Suffice it to say: they hate us!

We do not have dates set for the '07 Blitz yet, but likely we will be doing a similar focus, but on the local Christian radio station, and the church that owns it, who accept advertising from the hospital that sponsors the baby-killers. We have been involved in a discussion with them and have gotten nowhere. It will culminate, no doubt, in another public rebuke of both the radio station and the church.

AW: For those who would like more information, how can they contact you?


What is the greatest need for a Street Preacher? How can we help and pray for you?

The greatest need is to have preachers that will not compromise and become man-pleasers (in other words, they play politics). The public preacher is often distained and marginalized - only gaining his credibility after years of constant, clear, and concise persistence. Too many have let the cares of the world overtake their zeal and fire for God; rather, making compromises out of fear, or hope for gain of some sort. There are some on your list, no doubt, who are guilty of this. To them, I say again, repent (you know who you are).

Our need is to have a faithful and praying group that can keep us encouraged. It often gets lonely and it becomes easy to lose momentum in what we do. I confess that has happened to me at times. No one can do more than they can do, and I don't want that to become an untrue salve for my conscience, when I can actually do more. Currently, we have no local church. We do not have any friends that we can fellowship with. We have very, very, few people that we can go out to the streets with. I have found that when I am quiet, God is faithful to speak to my soul that all is well, and to provide directions for what He would have us do. When that occurs, we have far less that distracts and derails us. Pray that we would be able to have fellowship, and that we remain close to God in that way. We want to "teach all men what (Jesus) commanded", Matthew 28:19-21.

AW: Thank you, and may the good LORD bless you and your family.


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