Update on Abortion Bills in Illinois

From Rev. Bob Vanden Bosch, Concerned Christian Ministries

Abortion Bills Remain In Committees

Dear Friends,

Please pray for State Representative Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City), who was involved in a serious auto accident yesterday resulting in 10 broken ribs--6 of them in multiple places.

HB 2467, the bill to overturn Parental Notification of Abortion, and HB 2495, the Reproductive Health Bill both have been put into the Informed Consent Subcommittee of the Illinois House Human Services Committee.

HB 2467 will remove all parental involvement in a minor daughter's abortion. This is a serious health issue. Right now, minor girls must have parental involvement of receiving aspirin at school or to get their ears pierced. A minor who has an abortion could die from complications if her parents are not aware of what is happening.

HB 2495 is a draconian bill that removes all restrictions on late-term abortions for any reason, removes all licensing requirements or health inspections for abortion clinics, Allows non-doctors to perform abortions, allows women to obtain abortion pills without a doctor's prescription, and forces all insurance plans to cover abortions (even churches, religious organizations, and pro-life groups).

In addition, it removes all rights for unborn children and the rights of conscience for pro-life doctors, nurses, and hospitals.

Please contact your state representatives and ask them to vote NO on these bills.

HB 38 increases the penalties for shooters who enter places of worship and shoot people during the services. Please ask your state representative to become a co-sponsor on this legislation.

SB 1778 makes pastors mandated reporters for child abuse and neglect. Pastors are already mandated reporters of child sexual abuse. To require pastors to become mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect could hinder opportunities to minister.If pastors report families so they get a visit from DCFS, people will refuse to allow them into their homes. Pastors should not be made into AGENTS OF THE STATE! Ask your senator to vote NO on SB 1778 or to amend the bill to remove pastors from the list of mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect.

In His service,
Rev. Bob Vanden Bosch

Executive Director,
Concerned Christian Ministries

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