Bill And Melinda Gates’ Global Contraception Push Brutalizes Women’s Self-Determination

By Natalie Hattenbach - Posted at The Federalist:

Early international ‘family planning’ programs were essentially intended as population control. Today, contraception-pushers use the language of ‘reproductive freedom’ and ‘unmet need.’

Today is World Contraception Day, and the planet’s richest birth control advocates are in high gear. Bill and Melinda Gates suggest in the Wall Street Journal that governments should continue to spend billions of dollars providing “family planning” to developing nations. The U.S. government’s early international “family planning” programs were essentially intended as population control. Today, governments and foundations instead use the language of “reproductive freedom” and “unmet need.”

Many women overseas don’t want this kind of “help.” In fact, Bill and Melinda Gates acknowledge that part of the problem is low demand for modern contraceptives. Public and Gates money is therefore regularly used to build demand through expensive and massive public-awareness campaigns, including televised debates and training religious and community leaders.