Safe, Legal and Rare


By Pastor Joseph Spurgeon

I really don’t know what I expected when I decided to attend the opening hearing of the federal court trial, EMW & Planned Parenthood vs the Bevin Administration. I mean I didn’t exactly expect to hear a full-throated defense of the preborn or an argument as to why abortion is murder. And it’s a good thing I wasn’t expecting that because what I just saw was a disgusting time of making sure the air around the bush was thoroughly beaten. If we want to see the preborn treated with equity, stop their bloodshed, and remove the stain of blood-guiltiness from Kentucky, this court case and the arguments made from the Bevin’s administration will not even come close. Instead, what I witnessed today was a wicked display of futility and cowardly caving to a tyrannical court.

Before going into much more detail of what I saw in court this morning, let me go back and explain what the hearing was about. Back in March of this year, Governor Matt Bevin, who says that he is unashamedly pro-life, attempted to shut down the last remaining surgical abortion center in Kentucky using a technicality found in a regulation established back in 1998. The regulation states that an abortion provider must have a written transfer agreement with both an ambulatory service and a hospital. EMW Surgical Center, which has very cozy relationship with the University of Louisville Hospital, says that they had agreements on file. The Bevins administration said that the agreements were not current and did not meet the necessary standards. EMW sued to stay open with Planned Parenthood joining the lawsuit. Planned Parenthood was prevented from doing abortions at their new monstrosity of a building because they too did not have adequate agreements on file. EMW and Planned Parenthood are arguing that these requirements are unnecessary and put an undue burden on the “constitutionally-protected right to abortion.”

I have had the honor of meeting Governor Matt Bevin on two separate occasions. Both times, I had conversation with him about abolishing abortion. Both times, Governor Bevin made it known that he thinks that abortion is wrong. I think he went as far as to acknowledge that it is murder. He has received Matt Trewhella’s book “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate.” We have asked him to work to criminalize abortion outright in Kentucky by doing his duty before God as a lesser magistrate. We have shown him how the Supreme Court has become a tyrant and built up a fiction about itself. We cannot expect to play by their games and see the end of abortion. We must be willing to call abortion what it is, murder. We must repent for allowing it to occur in our land and seek God’s face for forgiveness.


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